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The Library as the "City's Living Room"

Came across this article about a newly redesigned library in Canada. The space looks absolutely beautiful and it seems to have everything anyone could ever need in one building: “At almost triple the size of the original, the library will provide a 300-seat performance space to support the city’s burgeoning arts scene; two cafes – including one… Read More »

Google as "Card Catalogue"

There’s an article in the latest New Yorker about the conflict over the right to be forgotten. Recently in Europe there have been some successful claims made to have links removed from Google. One of the points discussed is that the information doesn’t originate with Google, so technically the data is still out there, but it’s more… Read More »

The Material Infrastructure of the Internet Archives

In this video, Brewster Kahle, fonder of the Internet Archive, “and his colleagues Robert Miller, director of books, and Alexis Rossi, director of content, explain the ethos of the organisation, the challenges it faces, and the technical innovations that keep the archive running” [vie Aeon Films]