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This was a very interesting set of readings. The quotes that stood out to me are:
“Information as a measure of one’s freedom of choice when one selects a message from a universe of possible solutions. The more choice the more freedom. However, trying to decipher a message they have different consequence: The more freedom of choice one has, the more ways one can render the message, and the less sure one can be that a particular reproduction is accurate/Or desirable. Put simply the more freedom one has the less one knows.”
>> I think every mediation supports itself with style and design, and it’s hard most of the time to not judge something by its face value because at the end of the day the cover is part of the package. This is of course the case for the content these days. Large filters let everything through. It’s hard to judge whats worth reading, watching, not stopping.
Data  are the basic individual items of numeric or other information, garnered through observation; but in themselves, without context, they are devoid of information. Information is that which is conveyed, and possibly amendable to analysis and interpretation, through data and the context in which the data are assembled. Knowledge is the general understanding and awareness garnered from accumulated information, tempered by experience, enabling new contexts to be envisaged.” Quentin L. Burrell
>>  This was the best one in my opinion. It also reminded me of knowledge and action. It seems that the Berkley philosopher John Searl’s speech act theory fits well here by referring to his commentary about context and practices of conveyance, enabling a creation of certain actions.

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  1. shannon Post author

    Thanks, Nima. The data/info/knowledge quote you highlighted echoes a theme that we’ve been addressing all semester.


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