Final Presentations December 2 4-7pm (Extended Class)

By | November 5, 2014

We’re extending our final class on Tuesday, December 2, to 7pm — in other words, we’re meeting from 4 to 7 — so we can accommodate everyone’s final presentations. We’ll be meeting in the Media Studies “back conference room” (room 1645) on the 16th floor at 79 5th Avenue. I’ll have pizza delivered around 5:30 or 6. You’re welcome to bring drinks and other snacks to share.
Each person will have a total of 10 minutes (including set-up!) for presentation and five minutes for discussion. It’s best that you build in some “buffer” time for the inevitable snafu(s), so I’d recommend that you plan to talk for no longer than eight minutes. These presentations are more of a celebratory, show-and-tell nature; there’s nothing to freak out about. Still, you should be prepared to show something — e.g., have some slides prepared, video clips excerpted, websites queued up — and you should have a crystallized version of your project goals, or your argument, so you can make the most of your eight minutes!
And don’t forget your stage makeup! Those floodlights can make your face look positively “archival”!

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